Document e-Delivery made Easy…
PDF-eXPLODE turns invoices, statements and other reports or correspondence, into secure e-mails that are sent to customers all at once from your business software. Instead of printing, sorting, stuffing and mailing stacks of paper, or e-mailing documents one-by-one, PDF-eXPLODE uses the computer to do the work. It does this easily in 3 steps.
CLICK: With the click of your printer button, PDF-eXPLODE converts your report to a master PDF document.
EXPLODE: PDF-eXPLODE “explodes” the master PDF into individual PDF attachments.
DELIVER: PDF-eXPLODE distributes each individual PDF either via e-mail, or a shared drive on your local area network.
Want to make a real impact on your company’s bottom line?          
Here is the secret to your business success - a tool which is simple to use but effective in its delivery.

PDF-eXPLODE is a electronic document delivery (often referred to as 'Report Bursting' or 'Document Bursting') tool that will at the very least, save you postage on as many invoices, statements or documents you choose to process through its print process rather than directing the output in your application in the conventional way to your printer. PDF-eXPLODE acts as a “software printer” and converts invoices, statements, letters and more from crystal reports, SQL Server Reporting Services and Microsoft Office into a secure PDF and then automatically emails them.  Yes – and so can a lot of accounting software. But what sets PDF-eXPLODE apart from those ‘features’ in your software is, that unlike your existing software :

  • You do not have to generate these emails and attachments one at a time for each invoice in the print batch  
  • PDF-eXPLODE will combine similar destination attachments in the one print batch run and
  • PDF-eXPLODE is capable of automating the process without intervention!
And how much money does it save you?

You can easily calculate the savings at around 60 cents for postage, pre-printed or plain paper and envelope for each invoice or statement sent plus the labor saving in terms of sorting, stuffing envelopes and mailing at the local PO. The more you use it the more you save. Add to this the benefit of:

  • Less paper handling

  • Improved cash flow with early delivery of invoices/statements to clients

  • Professional impact of automated delivery

  • Flexibility to work with other applications besides your accounting software

and you have a return on your investment in around three months (calculated on 100 invoices/statements per month)

How does it work?

In your business application, you make a small change to the invoice or statement producing report to embed the client email address between 2 tags :

For example: <pdfexplode> </pdfexplode>

where the email address is sourced from the database. You can make the font very small and the same color as the document background so that it’s hidden to the naked eye. Functioning as a windows printer, PDF-eXPLODE printer will “trap” the output created by your application when you select FILE / PRINT within your application, and redirect this output to the PDF-eXPLODE program.  

it will then:

  1. Create a Master PDF of the entire print batch
  2. ‘Explode’ or burst the Master PDF into individual PDF files based on each page tag (s), sorting, collating and combining similar destination emails into a single PDF
  3. Attach the exploded file and emails it with a custom pre-defined subject /message to the client
  4. Save each exploded file to a nominated folder and write a log entry to record the sent email.

This process is graphically shown below:

What are some additional uses and benefits?
  •  Can be used with a customizable reporting module of any business software  or programs like MS Word or MS Excel

  •  Use with report writers like Crystal Reports, SQL Server Reporting, R & R Report Writer, MS Access, Cognas

  •  Preserves appearance of original documents

  •  Combines multiple documents to the same recipient into single PDF

  •  Distributes single document to multiple recipients with lists or a multi email tags

  •  Store different document or report types to different folder paths for easy archiving

  •  Provides customized e-mail subjects and messages

  •  Optionally creates password-secure exploded PDF files

  •  Archives PDF documents to nominated folder paths

  •  Maintains a log entry for each successful or failed email sending

  •  Does not require your current email client software (like MS Outlook) open or available

  •  Easy install wizard for a quick and painless application fast start

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